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New Website on the Way!

Sorry for the lack of frequency posting on the blog.  But, I have a good excuse...  We've been working hard on building a brand new website that is going to be so awesome!  It will include a brand new blog of course, but also allow us to send people to one website for everything - JESUSshow, Miracle School, the Healing Rooms and the Church.  Wait a second... Did I say church?  Yep!

We're starting a new church in Woodland Park on November 1st called Prayer Mountain!  We're super excited about it and all the other awesome things the Lord has planned for us through the end of the year. 

So stay tuned and check back in a week or so and the new www.schlyce.org site will be live!



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October's Healing Boot Camp is this Saturday!

Register online at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/405125742.


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Words of the Week

Here's the links to the last several Words of the Week:









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The Jesus Show is this Friday!

Check out the new promo - Click here

(Great job Jason!)

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This Week's Word of the Week...

We continue to get awesome feedback from the Word of the Week emails, and this week is no exception.  This week's word is focused on the importance of staying connected to the Lord's presence and voice at all times so that we can successfully walk out His plans for our lives.  Enjoy!


Word of the Week - July 26, 2009


To receive them weekly by email, simply click here to be added to the list.  Previous week's emails can be accessed from our archives below.



9:27 PM

July Healing Boot Camp

Join us at the upcoming Healing Boot Camp to learn how to minister and receive healing. If you or a loved one needs healing, this boot camp is for you!


Saturday - July 11, 2009

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Old Town Guesthouse
115 South 26th St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


REGISTER NOW! (Please register even if you are a repeat student.)


During this intensive, one-day Boot Camp you'll be introduced to the bible's approach to healing including accurate bible teaching on how it's always God's will to heal, how every believer has been given the ministry of praying for the sick, and how to practically minister and receive healing.

Instructor, Schlyce Jimenez, has spent years successfully ministering to the sick and training others to do the same. She's seen thousands of healing miracles. The end-times harvest is ripe and God is looking for His Church to rise up. There is not a shortage of lost and hurting people. So whether you're a CEO, a student, or a stay-at-home mom, this is one event you don't want to miss.



· Why it's always God's will to heal

· The truth about Paul's thorn in the flesh

· How to pray for specific illnesses

· The reason why everyone doesn't receive healing



· Student Workbook

· On-site lunch

· Weekly access to the Pike's Peak Prayer and Healing Rooms



9:45 Student Check-in

10:00 Module 1 - Foundation for Healing

12:00 Lunch (Included in Registration Fee)

1:00 Module 2 - God's Power to Heal

2:30 Module 3 - How to Minister to the Sick

*Remember, if you're a repeat student you can attend for free!

8:58 PM

Weekly Word Feedback...

It's always nice to get positive feedback when you're in ministry.  It really encourages you to keep pressing into the deep things of God regardless of the price!  Here's just a few things people are saying about our Weekly Word emails.  I'm so glad they are blessing people! 

"You have No Idea how timely this is. Only God knows what I have been thinking and dealing with today concerning this very matter and He sent me a word when I least expected it. I kept asking God in my heart Are you hearing me? Only God knew that.  I am truly seeking Him as I am believing Him for so many needs and He has answered me by helping my faith in a Word through you.  You are truly and inspiration to me. You Hear God! What A BLESSING THIS EMAIL IS.  PRAISE GOD! and thank you for hearing Him."

"This is confirmation for me…thank you for your obedience to God.  I love this word for today.  God bless you."

"Good morning , Minister Schlyce..your weekly word has helped me so much."

"Powerful words you spoke here...The Lord has blessed you…"

If you've been impacted by the emails or anything we're doing, we'd love to hear from you! Just send us an email at info@sjmi.org or feel free to comment on our blogs at www.schlyce.org or www.jesusshow.org.