8:47 PM

Revival is Here!

I woke up last week with the words "REVIVAL IS HERE! SOUND THE ALARM, REVIVAL IS HERE!" screaming in my spirit. It was like a fire alarm was going off inside of me. I couldn't shut it down either. The words just kept ringing and ringing inside of me for over an hour. To put this in context, I should back up a little bit and tell you about what led to this. It all started with me learning about the Florida Outpouring revival that's been going on since April in Lakeland, Florida. I heard about it through the grapevine about a month ago and checked it out on http://www.freshfire.ca/ a couple of times. I've been "on fire" ever since and literally obsessed with the desire to see revival come to the rest of the country. Then recently in my prayer time as I've was seeking God for the strategy to do this, I heard the following words:

"Now is the time for the army of God to rise and the kingdom of God to come forth in the minds, lives, ministries and businesses of God's chosen elect. Now is the time for the church to rise in power and take back what the devil has stolen. Now is the time for us to get back to basics and focus on the mission. The captives are crying, the lost are hurting, and the hungry are dying. Where is my church? Where are my warriors? Fighting with each other? Distracted by the age? I'm calling saints, I'm calling. I'm calling you to worship Me in spirit and in truth. I'm calling you to seek My face and return to the battle at hand. Your own needs are not the issue, fulfilling your heavenly call is - being about your Father's business is the only way to live. Refocus My people, refocus. What is the vision? What is your call? What is your assignment in My kingdom? Seek first the kingdom of God and watch every hindrance fall. Pursue the call, pursue the dream and watch the resistance fall. There is no one nor anything that can stop the revival that's coming your way. Get ready Church, take your positions, Church. Say yes to your assignment and get back up on the wall. Watch, pray and listen. For I am prepared to move you out into areas that you've only dreamed about. But you must follow My instructions closely and make sure that you are trusting in only Me. You've never been this way before and only I can lead you successfully."

Then last night I ran across this video of an 11 year old boy that the Lord used to bring revival to another service. I couldn't help but post it:


I want everyone to catch on fire with the passion to see the glory of God in every church service and meeting around the globe. It's time to get out of our comfort zones and yield to whatever the Spirit of God is leading us to do! I'll keep you posted as I continue to fan the flame in my own life and ministry.

4:51 PM

Peace, be still...

Have you ever noticed how noisy the world can be? When's the last time you sat down and were completely still? I mean totally still with no music, no television, no computer, and no interruptions. When's the last time you sat down and just listened? If you are like me and actually try this, the first thing you will probably notice is that silence is hard to come by. Even when you're quiet there's usually still some noise in the atmosphere. Maybe the air conditioner is humming or the birds outside are singing. But if you continue just to sit there and focus, not on the noises coming from the outside, but start to tune your ear to what's going on inside of you, I'll bet you'll also realize that it's not quiet on the inside either. There may be a million thoughts going through your head. But it's not there that I believe we need to stop either. I sense we need to press into complete silence and really listen to our heart. I sense that we need to press past all the noise of the flesh and listen to the only real sound that matters. The sound of the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, our Comforter. I mean, why did God go to all of the trouble of sending His precious Son Jesus to die a brutal death so that the Comforter could come, if we didn't need to be comforted? We do. We need to hear the wonderful, reassuring voice of the Holy Spirit. We need to hear him tell us that we are loved. We need to hear him tell us that we are forgiven. We need to hear him tell us that He is faithful. We need to hear him tell us that He's working everything out for our good. We need to hear Him tell us that He has the situations that are concerning us under control. We need to hear Him tell us that whatever we fear is a lie. We need to hear Him tell us that all things are possible if we will just only believe. We need to be comforted. We need to be reassured. We need to be edified. We need to be encouraged. This is the job of the Holy Spirit and He wants to talk to you right now. Are you listening?