9:35 PM

Chicago was Awesome!

I made it back from Chicago on Friday with just enough energy left to make it to the prayer meeting. It's always interesting traveling with my two year old daughter Lily, and this trip was no exception. She's quite a talker these days, so before the day was over I think we made friends with just about everyone on the airplane.

Anyway, being back in Chicago was just too wonderful for words. I taught at Living Word Christian Center on Wednesday night and it was awesome to be back "home!" I'll be posting a link to the message I taught entitled "True Peace" soon, so stay tuned...

Of course, no trip to Chicago would be complete without a trip to "Camp Barlow," which is what I lovingly call Pastor and Nancy Barlow's house. They have seven wonderful kids ranging from 2 to 21 and there's never a dull moment. I put together a quick slide show of a few fun moments...

Lastly, please pray for us this week as we prepare to move into our new house on Saturday. I just started packing today... I know, I know, I should have already started. But I just don't like living with boxes and the unplanned,but wonderful trip to Chicago last week set things back a bit... Oh well, it was worth it. LOL!




Nancy Barlow said...

Hi to our sweet Friends!
You are welcome to come to camp Barlow anytime. Next time its granola, hard boiled eggs and peanut butter -Ha!(maybe even your favorite cake!) We are excited for what is happening out there in the mountains.
May the red carpet be laid out for you as you "pack your bags" and continue on the adventure of a lifetime.
We love the Jimenez family,
The Barlows