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Hi everyone!  Things are going gang busters.  Growth is everywhere we turn. 

  • We have 19 students now in Miracle School and the list is growing weekly. 
  • We purchased new recording equipment and the sound quality is just awesome. 
  • January was our biggest month yet financially, so thanks so much to all of our new partners for helping us get this ministry rolling.
  • The anointing is increasing on The Jesus Show.  The Holy Spirit is leading me to really just focus on worship and last week we experienced all kinds of dramatic healings.  People on crutches were running around the theatre.  Holy laughter broke out on several occasions as did joyful spontaneous worship. 
  • We've put a leadership team in place to manage the ministry's continued growth.  Please join me in welcoming the following people to Schlyce Jimenez Ministries
    • Russel Divine, Associate Minister and Director, Global Healing Network
    • Teneya Divine, Director of Public Relations
    • Catherine Toon, Associate Minister and Director, Prayer Ministry
    • Jason Hensley, Director of Marketing and Media
  • The intercessory prayer ministry is getting in place. Weekly corporate prayer conference calls will be staring in February.

And these are just a few of the highlights...  Check out the updated Q1 ministry schedule here for more details of what else we've got going on.

2009 is already shaping up to be an awesome year.  While the world is on focused on cutting back due to the recession, the Kingdom of God just keeps growing!  Check out the updated


patino said...

I would like to testify to the awesome power of Jesus.

My dad had called to tell me that Mary Hahn’s grandson LEO (Born a month ago) had a heart defect and was going to have heart surgery on 1/29/2008 at Childrens Hospital in Denver. We said we will call her to see if we could visit her.

My wife Mary and I were going to the Heart Transplant Clinic (1/28/2008)in Denver for a routine follow up visit on my Heart. After my check up (Passed with flying colors) we went across the parking lot to Childrens Hospital.

We got to visit with Grandma(Mary Hahn) and her daughters. LEO was in ICU so pictures on the computer revealed big blue eyes and his excitment about his life so far. I gave testimony to my heart experiences and we prayed with them for a succesful surgery. I also utilized my Healing Boot Camp Training to pray/cast out devils in the Name of Jesus for Mary Hahn(Grandma) for her hearing problems.
Talking with the mother of LEO it was revealed that he is “such a mellow guy”. I told her the Lord has created for them a miracle baby/with very special blessings. I prayed with her again in the Name of Jesus- he will guide the surgeons hands, nurses care and for all future glory that God has already planned for them and their life.
We called Thursday night to get an update (Got an answering machine)!

Grandma (Mary Hahn) called today Friday 1/30/2009. LEO surgery went very well !!! ……………Praise Jesus………Praise the Lord……..

Update 2/6/2009 Mary Hahn (Grandma) callled us (2/5/2009) to tell us that Leo left the Hospital 8 days after his Open Heart Surgery.
Praise to the Lord…. This was an expected Miracle!!
Thank you Jesus…Thank you Jesus !!

Pat Hettle