6:59 PM

My Best Friend...

Since moving to Colorado a couple of months ago, I've had the chance to really deepen my relationship with my invisible friend - the Holy Spirit. I guess it's because for the first two months that we were here, we didn't know anyone. That was such a huge adjustment for me and a little hard at first. I was so used ministering all the time in Chicago. My phone was constantly ringing. So not have anyone calling me for prayer or even friends to just hang out with was a real shock to my system. I love people and thrive on ministry, so at first I just wasn't sure what to do. Brian leaves for work at 5:00 a.m. every day, so it was just me and my daughter Lily from 5:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. all day everyday.

I love taking care of Lily but she's such an easy child that I still have plenty more to give at the end of each day. But one day as I was praying, I guess the Lord sensed that I was a feeling a little alone and I heard him speak to my heart, "I am here and I'm you're best friend." I was so touched that I started to cry. What a nice thing to say. Isn't it just amazing that the Holy Spirit of God Almighty dwells in us and is always with us? It is truly awesome! But sometimes there are so many things that we just struggle through forgetting that He is standing by ready and willing to help with the wisdom of God we need. The Holy Spirit is actually called the Spirit of grace and he's right there ready and willing to give us the grace needed to overcome any situation.

Or how about those times when we feel alone, lonely, or misunderstood?I remember one time awhile back. I was really upset with Brian (my husband) because he just couldn't seem to understand my point of view on something that was really important to me. I remember that after we had talked about it to no avail, I went into our bedroom and sat quietly before the Lord. I can still recall the words of wisdom that the Holy Spirit ministered to me. He said, "Give Brian a break, let him off the hook, he's not me! He said that no on in the world, including my husband, would ever fully understand me except him. He reminded me of Psalm 139 that says the Lord knows all of our thoughts and even knows what we are going to say before we speak it. He said no one in the world is closer to me than him since he actually dwells inside of me and that he was the only one that could satisfy the longing to be understood." What a blessing that was to me. I decided to get my eyes off of Brian and back onto Him - the only one that satisfy the desires of my heart.

So, it's a lie to think that we are alone. If you've accepted the Lord Jesus in your heart, the Holy Spirit has come to live in you and you are never alone. What a comfort it is to have the Holy Spirit as your best friend. My prayer today is that I will continually stay conscious of his precious presence and rely on him to help me in everything I do. Fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit is one of the primary reasons Jesus came. So join me today in taking full advantage of what it means to have the greater one inside and enjoy life!