12:51 PM

pure country!

Well, we moved into our new house last week!  It's located in Divide, Colorado, which is at 9,453 feet and right by Pike's Peak.  Basically, if you drive forty-five minutes from Colorado Springs up the mountain pass (and yes it's up the whole way), you'll arrive in a small little town named Divide. It only has two red lights and most of the roads that lead to houses are dirt.  Yes, I said it, dirt.  Check it out...


Well, all I can tell you about that is that apparently Colorado dirt is not like regular dirt.  It's red and hard and really doesn't get muddy.  So, they just grade the roads on occasion and you're good to go.  We'll see I guess...  especially this winter...

Here's the view off our front deck. 


As you can see we're really in the country now!  Who would have thought a city girl like me would be living out here in the middle of nowhere????  Seriously, our neighbors are so far away!!! But the neighborhood is awesome.  It has stocked fishing lakes and even a playground for the kids.  There are deer and foxes and elk everywhere!!!  Here's some more pics of the neighborhood...

CIMG0816 CIMG0818 CIMG0819

And some more of the wildlife...

CIMG1121 wildlife Oh well, I know that the Lord must have a very specific plan putting me all the way out here.  Maybe he wants me to slow down a little, you think???  One thing I can say for sure is that the peace out here is addicting.  It's so quiet.  When you sit in the hot tub in the back, you can see a million stars at night.

I think we're really going to like it.  But hey, after moving eight times in eight years and not owning a home since I went into full-time ministry, we just keep saying over and over, "boy it sure is good to be home!"