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Ahhh, how I love the holidays.  One of my favorite times of year is Thanksgiving through Christmas.  There's so much to be thankful for, reflect on, and look forward to in the coming year.  It's funny, so many people that I talk to are in this totally negative frame of mind right now - focused on the economy, etc.  But as for me, I feel so excited about living in this time.  I see God's hand all around me and His blessings just keep overtaking us.  Besides, the word of God says rejoice in the Lord always.  Not sometimes, but always.  Being thankful and rejoicing is a mind set.  It's a choice.  It's something we choose to do by focusing on as Philemon 1:6 says, "all of the good things that are in us in Christ Jesus."  And guess what, as believers we have an enormous amount to rejoice about and celebrate, not only at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but all year long.



P.S.  What do you think about my Turkey???? 


Joanna said...

Did you really make that turkey? I'm so impressed.

Jason! said...

Thanks So much for the invite! Any leftovers? I'm game!

Schlyce Jimenez said...

yea right Joanna... :)