10:58 AM

Miracle School by DVD?!?

 Miracle Scool By DVD We kicked off Miracle School last night with a bang!  You could actually feel the excitement in the air.  It was awesome to see the room filled with people that are hungry for more of God. 

But guess what?  If you can't join us here in Colorado  Springs, you don't have to miss out.  Miracle School can now be taken by correspondence via DVDs.  You can attend the school right along with us remotely.  If you are interested, please contact us at (719) 687-3378 or info@sjmi.org.  We'll send you a registration form and  then package and send you DVDs of each week's class along with the course handbook and teaching outlines.

It's going to be a miraculous year!  So pray about attending Miracle School remotely.  I guarantee that it will radically change your walk with God!


Schlyce Jimenez