10:40 PM

Chicago Faith Conference - night 1


Last night's sermon by Kenneth Copeland had so many nuggets in it, but the one thing that really stuck out to me was his point about not despising the Word of God.  He was talking about the importance of making the Word of God the TOP PRIORITY of your life and never getting to a place were you no longer think it's important.  This really struck a cord with me because it's so easy to let other things and the busyness of life creep in.  You know, we get up everyday and go about our daily activities, but are we making sure that we are spending quality time in the Word of God every day?  The Word of God is our compass, it's a lamp to our feet.  It's shows us where we're going and how to get there.   Without focusing on the Word, where would we be?  You know, Brother Copeland is right, we need to make sure we put and keep the Word first!