9:20 PM

My Blog Strategy

the-computer-demands-a-blog Hi everyone!  Just thought I'd post a quick note tonight on my thoughts regarding blogging.  As you may know, I have two blogs -this one (for SJM) and one for The Jesus Show

The reasoning behind having two blogs is that The Jesus Show blog is really focused on the vision and message for The Jesus Show, while this blog is more focused on me and my life as a minister. 

As you may know, The Jesus Show is a weekly miracle service held every Friday night in downtown Colorado Springs.  It's really an awesome time every week.  There's a core group of us that are truly on a mission show this town that Jesus hasn't changed. He's still doing miracles!  And people are hungry. 

This last week we had four people just "walk in" that had either seen the sign outside or heard about the service from someone.  All of them were hurting and in real need of ministry.  My overall sense is that there is a real deficit in this town of spirit-filled services where healing and deliverance can take place.

Anyway, that's a whole other topic.  But my point in even brining up the two blogs is to make sure that everyone is aware of both of them and to encourage you to not just read one but both.  I rarely post the same thing on both blogs.  Also, just a reminder.  Don't forget to comment on the blogs directly.  I get lots of awesome feedback from people via email.  But my vision is to really make the blogs a place where I'm not the only one communicating.   Your feedback has been really enlightened and I know others would benefit from your viewpoints as well.

Oh and one last thing... You can actually subscribe to both blogs and get updates via email by clicking on the subscribe links.  On The Jesus Show blog it's pretty self explanatory, but for the SJM blog, I suggest that you just use the "atom" option which will set-up an RSS feed.

Okay, hope that helps.  Just thought I'd take a moment to clarify.

Have a blessed night!