2:32 AM

Long time no talk

Wow - It's been forever since I blogged on this site.  Please forgive me everyone!  However, I assure you I haven't been slacking off.  In fact, I think we've made more progress with the ministry in the last month than we did the whole first six months of 2008.  Let's see...  I've implemented an accounting system.  Yep that's right I did it.  Believe it not in another life I used to be a CPA (well I don't believe in other lives, but you get the point)!  Of course, I didn't really like being a CPA, but it still does come in handy for projects like this...

I also hired a web designer that not only created the great new Jesus Show web site, but has also been really coaching me on the web strategy for the whole ministry.  Hence the new look for this blog as well.  I'd love to hear your feedback on the new look!  Also, based on everything I've  learned from him on the importance of blogging.  I've decided to turn over a new leaf and try to blog at least once every couple of days.  Pray for me would ya?  With my busy little two year old, Lilythis should be interesting!  Speaking of my little darling... Here's a recent pic that our great babysitter Cassidy took.  Does she have a gift or what?  I mean the girl is only in high school.  Kind of reminds me of another child prodigy photographer, Sarah Barlow

Talk to you tomorrow!